How Not To Die

I have to say I am very excited by the release of the new book How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger M.D.

Dr. Greger is the force behind the website, an non-profit organization devoted to nutrional science. Here you can find over 1,000 short videos detailing the science of nutrition. If you want to know what is the best nutritional approach to take to relieve or treat a myriad of diseases, this is the site for you. Everything on the site is drawn from the results of peer-reviewed, double-blind research into nutrition.

Since the organization is a non-profit it takes no donations from industry lobbyists so you can be sure that there is no slant to the advice given. And like everything else, Dr. Greger will not be benefitting personally from the profits from his new book - all profits will go straight back to the non-profit.

The book covers the 15 leading causes of death in the United States and addresses the nutritional science around these diseases. And not only that, the book contains practical advice in the form of meal plans and menus.

I have added How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger M.D. to my recommended reading list. Be sure to check out all my recommendations to a long and healthy life through good nutrition.

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